Patient Family Advisory Committee Volunteers

AnMed Health Cannon Patient and Family Advisors

A unique opportunity began at AnMed Health Cannon (AHC) in 2015.  Our healthcare team actively seeks members of our community who have been a patient at AnMed Health Cannon, a caregiver of a patient, or a family member that is willing to serve in the volunteer role of a Patient Family Advisor.

Patients, family members, and caregivers can offer unique ideas and perspectives to enhance care and services for AnMed Health Cannon.  Our Patient Satisfaction team has established a volunteer role of Patient and Family Advisors.  These individuals will share AnMed Health Cannon’s commitment to create and sustain partnerships with patients and families that enhance the  quality, safety, and experience of care.  This program allows patients and families to have direct input and influence on policies, programs and practices affecting care and services for our patients and families.

Patient and Family Advisors should be comfortable speaking their opinions in groups, respect other points of view, and be willing to seek solutions and connect with other patients within our health care setting, as well with our staff.   Advisors will play a role in helping develop policies, programs, educational materials, or other services to benefit AnMed Health Cannon patients.

Patient Family Advisor Role

Patient Family Advisors will use their experiences and knowledge to:

  • Help the hospital improve the satisfaction of AnMed Health Cannon patient experiences.
  • Improve ways to make access to health care easier and more convenient for our patients and their families.
  • Listen and reflect on issues to help create tools and guides to help our patients’ partner with their  health care team.
  • Encourage patients to more fully engage in their own health and treatment plans.
  • Help AnMed Health Cannon continue to help engage the community in an ongoing wellness initiative.
  • Be willing to learn about the various departments and services  and promote these services.
  • Help develop bylaws for the committee.
  • Create and define specific goals for the committee.
  • Respect and maintain confidentiality of both patient and organization information.
  • Time commitments depending on projects or various committees as they are developed.

The Advisory Committee volunteers will comprise of members of the Pickens County community who have direct experience with AnMed Health Cannon as a patient, family member or caregiver.  The Advisory Committee will be selected based on interest, availability, qualifications and merit and without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, ancestry, political belief, or handicap with reasonable accommodation when feasible.

AnMed Health Cannon’s Role

AnMed Health Cannon will provide:

  • Literature and Cannon information
  • Training when needed
  • Meeting place
  • Communication regarding the formation of the Advisory Committee through internal and external communications
  • Staff available as liaisons between hospital and committee (s).
  • Provide speakers on various subjects as per requested by committee (s)

How do I begin? 

  • Confirm you meet the criteria to be an advisor.
  • Complete application, and complete volunteer process which includes:
    • A scheduled interview with AnMed Health Cannon staff to find out more about the advisory position and expectations for our Patient Family Advisor volunteers.
    • A hospital and committee orientation.
    • Receive PPD and meet with AnMed Health Cannon’s Health and Wellness Director.

Contact Us

Please email us at if you have any questions about becoming a Patient and Family Advisor.  You can download an PFA application at this link: AnMed Health Cannon PFA Application