Mission Statement

The mission of AnMed Health Cannon is to provide quality healthcare in a safe, competent and compassionate manner and to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system by focusing on Service, Quality, People, Finance and Growth.

Vision Statement

AnMed Health Cannon will remain a community directed nonprofit health care provider.

Corporate Values

Integrity/Ethics – To adhere to a strict ethical code; to always do the right thing

Quality and Excellence – To strive to exceed in all that we do

Dignity and Respect for Individuals – To show consideration for one’s worth as a human being

Teamwork – To achieve common goals together

Caring Service -To provide quality services that are delivered in the most caring manner and that are accessible, prevention-oriented, appropriate and affordable

Community Orientation – To remain a locally owned and governed, not-for-profit organization committed to working with others to achieve our vision

Nurturing Culture – To provide a work environment that builds trust, shared values and teamwork, and that enhances innovation, personal growth, competency, commitment and compassion