Current Job Listings

AnMed Health Cannon is seeking qualified candidates who would enjoy working in a small community-directed hospital dedicated to providing quality healthcare. Employment applications are available in our front lobby, along with a printed list of all current job openings. Come in at your convenience, fill out an application and leave it in the designated slot in the front lobby. Or you may apply online by following the link below.

Applications are reviewed and then copies are forwarded to the departments that have a position available for which the applicant is qualified. The hiring manager for that department determines the applicants to be interviewed, based on qualifications and experience. Unfortunately, we are unable to take phone calls requesting information about where your Application or Resume is in this process. However, if you are not called to interview for the position for which you are currently applying, your Application will be returned to Human Resources and will be retained on file for at least 6 months, and reviewed when there are new open positions. We sincerely appreciate your interest in employment with AnMed Health Cannon.

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Non-Discrimination: The hospital will employ, compensate, and promote employees on the basis of qualifications and merit and without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, ancestry, political belief, or handicap if reasonable accommodation is feasible (unless such factors are determined to be bona fide occupational qualifications).

Personnel Policies: Separate personnel policies and procedures shall be written to cover the selection, employment, training, assignment, function, and discharge of responsibility of employees. Such written policies shall indicate the general conduct expected of personnel, disciplinary policies, policies on paid time off and other benefits, and other policies, including the organizational structure, provisions for leaves and so forth. These written personnel policies and procedures, as well as other policies and procedures related to employment are NOT A CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMENT. The provisions of these policies are subject to change at any time by the hospital. All employees of AnMed Health Cannon are .employees at will. who may quit at any time for any or no reason and who may be terminated at any time for any or no reason.

The hospital, by appropriate means, will organize and conduct an ongoing program of orientation and education concerning employee benefits and policies.

Educational Endeavors: The hospital will conduct and participate in such training endeavors as are necessary to provide adequately trained personnel for the fulfillment of hospital purposes. Inservice education programs will be fostered, developed, or assisted by the hospital using internal resources or the services of outside agencies, individuals, and institutions as appropriate.