Patient Family Advisory Committee Volunteers

AnMed Health Cannon Patient and Family Advisors

A unique opportunity began at AnMed Health Cannon (AHC) in 2015.  Our healthcare team actively seeks members of our community who have been a patient at AnMed Health Cannon, a caregiver of a patient, or a family member that is willing to serve in the volunteer role of a Patient Family Advisor.

Patient and Family Advisors should be comfortable speaking their opinions in groups, respect other points of view, and be willing to seek solutions and connect with other patients within our health care setting, as well with our staff.   Advisors will play a role in helping develop policies, programs, educational materials, or other services to benefit AnMed Health Cannon patients.

Patient Family Advisor Role

The role of the Patient and Family Volunteer Advisor is to serve as the patient voice.  The Patient and Family Advisor is a patient or family member who has experienced care at AnMed Health within the past two years.  Patient and Family Advisors provide a direct influence on policies, programs and practices that affect patient care, safety and services. Advisors offer insight and recommendations to help AnMed Health be more responsive to the needs of patients and families.

Duties and Skills

  • Actively participate on committees, projects and/or initiatives to improve overall quality, safety and experience of care for all patients and families.
  • Share experiences and offer constructive feedback, opinions and recommendations in a variety of areas.
  • Offer input in creation, implementation and evaluation of policies and services.
  • Serve as a resource for families and employees.
  • Work in partnership with others and collaborate on solutions.
  • Listen and reflect on issues, thoughts and priorities that are different than their own.
  • Commit to improving care for all patients and family members.
  • Represent the mission, vision, and building blocks of AnMed Health.
  • See beyond their own personal experiences.


  • Must be as least 21 years of age.
  • Must have direct experience as a patient, family member or caregiver at AnMed Health within the past two years.
  • Must complete application (includes criminal background verification) and interview.
  • Must attend volunteer orientation.
  • Must commit to a specified timeframe, depending on the project or committee.

How do I begin? 

  • Confirm you meet the criteria to be an advisor.
  • Complete application, and complete volunteer process which includes:
    • A scheduled interview with AnMed Health Cannon staff to find out more about the advisory position and expectations for our Patient Family Advisor volunteers.
    • A hospital and committee orientation.
    • Receive PPD and meet with AnMed Health Cannon’s Health and Wellness Director.

Contact Us

Please email us at if you have any questions about becoming a Patient and Family Advisor.  You can download an PFA application at this link: AnMed Health Cannon Patient Family Advisory Council Application